About Avaneo Hotels

Avaneo Hotels developed from a group of innovative hotel operators who have set themselves the goal of a unique, modern and forward-looking design and harmonization of the topics of sustainability and the hotel industry.

The Avaneo Hotel in Marktredwitz has, in addition to the so far unique concept of hedonistic sustainability, now also taken up the theme around real and honest sustainability. The well-being and satisfaction of the guests are the top priority here.

For almost 30 years now, our project development and hotel management teams have had their core competencies in the development of hotel concepts, the operation and management of hotels, and the efficiency improvement of operational processes. We are committed to sustainable hotel and tourism concepts within the framework of international developments and strategies of the Travel & Hospitality Industry and to continuous improvements and innovations of the lodging and travel industry.

Together with numerous global partners, we have developed hotel and tourism concepts that have established themselves in national and international markets. The turbulent times we have been experiencing for years now - not least due to the developments of the crisis years - have led to an increased demand for good as well as genuinely and honestly sustainable, smart hotels for the corporate and short trip market. The current trend studies and market developments are on the same level with our experiences and underline the imperative need for adaptation and renewal of the Travel & Hospitality business sectors.

Our most important goals are to coordinate all processes along the value chain in an optimal way, to avoid senseless and unnecessary actions and processes, to bring the cooperation back to a real and honest human level and to implement this not only in theory but actively.

A lean, unbureaucratic organization of the company's activities enables us to react to the guests' wishes in a precise and timely way and thus to intensify the customer relationship. The feel-good factor and the safety of the guests are always in the focus of our attention.