Quality Management

Avaneo Hotels

Our mission is to guarantee guests a hotel experience with the highest level of professionalism. Thanks to the unique location and the special characteristics of our pilot hotel project, we meet the needs of our guests at the highest level and win the trust of guests, investors and partners with incomparable services. It is a special concern of ours to always keep an eye on social change and the tasks of our time. Our core competencies lie in the development, operation and management of a future-oriented hotel concept as well as the increase in efficiency of the operational processes. The highest priority is to provide the guest with optimal services at all times, such as maximum sleeping comfort, a clear and coherent room concept and a place to relax and enjoy. Ecological and economically sustainable results with the aim of generating a large number of regular guests are also a high priority.

Our goal is not to compete with the giants of the hotel industry. It is more important for us to maintain contacts with our loyal guests, investors and partners, to recognize individual needs and to always act accordingly. We always keep an eye on the ever-growing demands of our guests and the changes and trends in the travel industry, paying special attention to quality and details. Innovation and honest hospitality and true sustainability are the principles to be upheld. Individuality and trend awareness are components with which we convince. Modern technology does not exclude human interaction here. Rather, the technology serves to have more time available at and for the guest.


Hedonistic sustainability: joy, pleasure, enjoyment and pleasure in beautiful things without renunciation. But still conserving resources and acting sustainably, ecologically.

Improving the efficiency of our employees through sustainable workplace design and work training for a forward-looking hotel industry.

Business goal

Our guests, investors, employees and partners benefit together with us from the success of a new generation of hotels and become our ambassadors.

Customer orientation

We align all activities, developments and services with the demands of our guests, because our success depends on the satisfaction of our guests. Ecological and economic concerns play a far-reaching role in this.


To meet the expectations of our guests, we must improve our expertise every day through education and training, knowledge sharing and curiosity.

Social competence

Through our way of dealing and communicating with each other, in form and content, we convey transparency, clarity and respect to our guests, employees, investors and partners. The fair remuneration of employees and fair-trade purchased products are a matter of course.

A short portrait

Who we are? We are a dynamic, internationally active company in the economic sector Travel & Hospitality. For almost 30 years now, we have been working in worldwide teams in project development and hotel management. In cooperation with renowned network partners, hotel groups, developers and leaders in the industry, we manage existing portfolios of hotels and tourism companies, among others. Within the framework of international developments and strategies in the travel & hospitality industry, we support sustainable hotel and tourism concepts and we are committed - not least through our own project developments - to continuous improvement and constant innovation in the accommodation and travel industry. Together with numerous partners, we have already developed hotel concepts that have become very well established in national and international markets.

We set ourselves the goal of optimally coordinating all processes along the entire value chain. A lean corporate structure makes it possible to concentrate fast and precisely on the wishes of the guests and to strengthen the bond to the customers. The feel-good factor and the safety of the guests as well as the employees are always in the focus of our company.