Child Protection Policy

Avaneo Hotels

Policy Statement

We are fully committed to the gender-responsive protection of children and young people from all forms of violence. It is our responsibility and duty that we as a company, as well as all people and partner companies who work for us and possibly on our behalf, do not harm, abuse, or perpetrate other forms of violence against children and young people or expose them to any form of violence.

We promote approaches, policies and age-appropriate environments that address the specific safety needs of children and young people and are considerate of their diverse identities. We do not tolerate unequal treatment, discrimination or exclusion and actively work against it.

We ensure that all who work for or with us understand and can take responsibility for their safeguarding role. In line with our understanding, we support the active involvement of children and young people in their own protection. We keep out those who pose a risk to children and young people and take strict action against anyone who perpetrates violence against children or young people and is within the scope of this policy.

Implementation of the Child Protection Policy is monitored by our entire team. Together we promote the practical implementation of our standards and are in exchange with the district child and youth welfare office.

Our entire team is committed to protecting children. All staff members are committed to child protection in both their professional and personal lives. Each member of the team is required to report suspected cases immediately to the responsible office in the district office for rapid clarification. We examine specific cases of violence against children or young people perpetrated by employees, partners or guests for legal consequences. The top priority is always to protect and help the children and young people concerned.